Now Available: The Winter/Spring 2014 Cassandra Report
Special Focus: The state of Gen Y/Z consumption habits
Life / 2 Apr 2014

Since 1999, The Cassandra Report has been the leading ongoing study of youth culture in America, a manifestation of our vigorous efforts to help spark new thinking and foster innovation. Now, the report is published as an iOS app, and it continues to uncover emerging trends in popular culture, and what marketers need to know about how and why young people live, think, and act the way they do.

In this Winter/Spring 2014 Cassandra Report: Consumed, we explore key findings from our latest research surrounding the evolving state of purchasing and transactions, including:

  • The rise of MEtail culture, in which consumers can be independent merchants of tangible objects, services, content, or ideas.
  • An introduction to the first generations of NOwners, or those who prize access over ownership and are turning to renting, sharing, and bartering.
  • The emergence of a new FAUXsumerist mindset, in which shopping is as much about product discovery as it is about purchasing and e-commerce has become its own form of entertainment.
  • An inclination among young consumers to engage in Gut Check behavior before committing to a decision, fueled by the increased ease with which one can source advice and assurance.

As in every edition of The Cassandra Report, you’ll also find a wealth of trends, data, marketing implications, and examples of best practices. Please visit our website to learn more about the report.

NOTE: Each new subscriber will receive one new pre-loaded iPad Air on which to experience the app, compliments of IG. Going forward, we will be adding additional features and will, over time, make several back issues of The Cassandra Report available via the app as well.

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