CASSANDRA REPORT DIGEST: Teens Are Still Into Facebook
Research and insights from our latest Cassandra Report
Media / 28 Jan 2014
There’s been much buzz lately that teens are "over" Facebook. Indeed, the company’s own CFO admitted that daily usage is declining among this group. Despite the drop in activity, however, Facebook remains one of the top platforms for teen consumers. Indeed, in our digital-focused Cassandra Report, 60% said they still use it frequently. Here are just a few of the reasons why Facebook maintains relevance.
: Teens view Facebook as an unbeatable utilitarian resource. They’ve invested so much time building up their networks and establishing their communities that few are willing to let it go. No other site comes close to allowing individuals to stay connected with everyone they know. In our study, 58% of teens said they use Facebook to stay up-to-date with friends/connections, and half use it to connect with old friends. Even as teens flock to newer platforms, they consider Facebook a primary way to keep in touch. They may be logging on less often as they spend more time elsewhere, but most are not fleeing Facebook.
Brand Communications
: Nearly half prefer that brands communicate with them on Facebook—over YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. As they use Facebook more often than other platforms, it’s only fitting they want brands to reach them this way. But to stand out in their crowded streams, brands can’t just post content; they need to provide value, relevancy, and interactivity. For example, to market the movie Gimme Shelter, Digital Media Management organized the first Facebook junket. Four outlets—E! Online, Entertainment Weekly, HelloGiggles, and Seventeen Magazine—hosted a Q&A with the film’s star, Vanessa Hudgens, and also invited fans to ask questions.
Cool Factor
: Facebook may be less cool today than in years past as adults take over the site, but it’s still one of the coolest social networks in teens’ eyes. Indeed, 52% of teens consider it cool, topping Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Tumblr. This is because Facebook serves as their life dashboard. Besides staying connected with peers and receiving updates from brands, Facebook is where they go to seek news, receive recommendations, organize events, post and view pictures, and communicate publicly and privately. The social network has staying power since it offers everything. As a result, less than a quarter of teens say they’re actually "over" Facebook.
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