There is no other Cassandra Report, nor is there anything really like it. That’s because it’s been constructed with an intense blend of rigor, dedication, and love. And it’s why the Cassandra Report is the critical decision-making tool for the world’s top companies and brands seeking to reach and engage young consumers. But it’s more. It’s different. It’s a story, a long form narrative, created to breed new thinking, foster innovation, and spark positive change.

There are research studies aplenty, but the Cassandra Report, like the elusive young consumers it chronicles, is different. In some ways, it’s the anti-research report. Oh, we use research, alright. In fact, the Cassandra report is the product of four discrete data streams, melded to craft a clear roadmap for winning the hearts and minds of young consumers.

The new Winter/Spring 2015 Cassandra Report: GEN Z contains critical insights from our latest research on the next generation of youth and practical implications for how to engage them. The report explores key macro concepts pertaining to Zs' perception that they are a Work in Progress, as well as a wealth of trends, data, marketing implications, and examples of best practices.


The new Fall/Winter 2014 Cassandra Report: DIGITAL contains critical insights from our latest research on the fast-evolving digital landscape. The report dives into Ys' and Zs' longing for a greater sense of closeness, or Digital Intimacy, as they seek to make their connections more substantive and meaningful. Young people are seeking out more personal pockets of the web by prioritizing the quality over quantity of their contacts, one-on-one interactions over mass audiences, and ephemeral messages over permanent ones.


The Summer/Fall 2014 Cassandra Report: The Global Issue highlights how Gen Ys around the world are similar, what brings them together, and how marketers can engage them in an increasingly globally connected world. This issue features insights and data culled from research conducted among Global Ys in 10 countries: Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, the UK, and the US.


In this Spring/Summer 2014 Cassandra Report: Pop, we explore key findings from our latest research surrounding the contemporary pop culture landscape, as well as the latest trends, data, and marketing implications vital to brands looking to connect with Gens Y and Z. Findings and insights are derived from a survey of 900 mainstream and 372 trendsetters ages 14-34, and contextualized by qualitative input from our proprietary Cassandra Speaks online community.

The State of Gen Y/Z Consumption Habits

In this Winter/Spring 2014 Cassandra Report: Consumed, we explore key findings from our latest research surrounding the evolving state of purchasing and transactions, as well as the latest trends, data, and marketing implications vital to brands looking to connect with Gens Y and Z. Findings and insights are derived from a survey of 1,300 young consumers, contextualized by qualitative input from our proprietary Cassandra Speaks online community.

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To acknowledge the shifting ways in which we all consume information, we launched The Cassandra Report App in 2014 to provide clients the added benefits of multimedia interactivity, animated graphics, and ease of navigation.

It's everything that subscribers to the Cassandra Report have come to expect – deep and lasting insights, data-driven implications, pervasive macro trends, and more – all brought to life in an immersive interactive digital form.

What Gender Means to Generations Y & Z

In this issue of The Cassandra Report, The Intelligence Group (IG) uncovers the issues today’s young men and women are facing, and explores how brands can communicate with these consumers in terms of contemporary gender dynamics. In surveying 900 14 to 34-year-olds, IG found that gender is less of a definer of identity today than it was for prior generations. Rather than adhering to traditional gender roles, Gen Ys and Zs are interpreting what gender means to them personally.

The report reveals that young consumers consider gender identity to be a more fluid, flexible construct than did past generations, so they don’t feel confined or limited by it. In fact, six in 10 say that men and women do not need to conform to traditional gender roles or behaviors anymore. As a result, Gen Ys and Zs are bending, flipping, and reclaiming gender norms to form identities that accurately reflect them as individuals.

Today’s young generations are consciously reacting against gender-targeted marketing and express a preference for gender-neutral and unisex goods and experiences. They do not want society to tell them what men and women should do or buy; rather, they want to define items they purchase through their own unique use of them. The report reveals how they are driving a shift toward an increasingly gender-neutral world. Read the full survey memo here.

The Cassandra Report: Spring/Summer 2013

Following our exhaustive report on Generation Z, this edition of The Cassandra Report turns our attention back to Gen Ys to see how they're navigating the challenging waters of adulthood. We surveyed more than 1,200 young consumers, and gleaned qualitative input from our proprietary Cassandra Speaks online community in order to contextualize this generation’s reexamined priorities and life goals.

Cassandra Report Paints Portraits of Independent Rebel Kids with Purpose

In this edition of The Cassandra Report, we explore the unique characteristics, preferences, habits, behaviors, and attitudes of Generation Z. We conducted 400 online interviews with 7- to 13-year-olds, all recruited through their parents, as well as gleaned qualitative input from parents and their children in our proprietary Cassandra Speaks online community in order to contextualize this generation’s behaviors and opinions.


The Intelligence Group (IG) has released the results of a survey as part of its Cassandra Report series, called “The Good Guide,” in which it finds that members of Gen Y are not necessarily the “slacktivists" many have made them out to be. In fact, they display signs of heightened social awareness, are prone to activism (often of the digital variety), and are well positioned to have a growing and meaningful impact in today's technology-driven global society.

IG asked 900 18-34 year olds about issues related to their social consciousness, ranging from what concerns them most and how they will vote for President to their preferred platforms for advocacy and who they foresee creating positive change in their world.

Nearly three-quarters of them (73%) reflect the general tendency of their generation by saying that they will base their vote in November on who will make the world a better place overall, as opposed to which candidate is more likely to improve their personal situation. And two out of three think that "a person on a computer, being aware and spreading the word" can create more change than "a person on the street, rallying and protesting."

The report concludes, "It is clear that Generation Y, 80 million strong, has a social conscience - and its impact is just beginning to be felt." Read the full survey memo here.


The Cassandra Report emerges every 90 days from an exacting process that yields a tome of deep insight, meaningful context, and powerful analysis. It shines with absorbing storytelling, stunning graphics, and relevant data. That you can use. Today.

So, put away those reams of data charts, arrest your analysis paralysis, and let the Cassandra Report tell you what’s really happening with young consumers today.
And why.


Inside every issue of the Cassandra Report, you’ll find a trove of information and insights, including:

MACRO TRENDS – the major social forces that are driving young consumer behavior

SPECIAL TOPICS – in-depth explorations ranging from digital media to innovation, social action, and periodic audience segment analyses

HOT TRENDS – emerging movements that reveal young consumers latest, and next, cultural tendencies and preferences

STRATEGIC IMPLICATIONS – suggestive takeaways that help put our insights into relevant context

EXAMPLES & DEMOS – scores of bleeding edge web platforms and apps, content plays, fashions, lifestyle pursuits, and best-in-class marketing tactics that are defining young consumers’ life experiences

CRITICAL STATS – highlights of our on-going Cassandra polling, placed into meaningful and easy-to-digest formats

The Cassandra Report delivers insights that lead to deeper connections and stronger engagement with young consumers through more effective marketing, content and product development, and innovation.