First Fridays: Bri Emery, Co-Founder of Blogshop
Q+A with the woman leading the blog design revolution
Style / 3 Aug 2012

In this month’s edition of First Fridays, we introduce you to Bri Emery, co-founder of Blogshop, an intensive weekend-long “Photoshop bootcamp” for bloggers that’s held in cities across the US. Attendees, who need no previous Photoshop experience, learn how to create layouts/mood boards /collages, color correct, animate GIFs, add type and drawings to images, and other design skills that have become paramount in today’s competitive blogging landscape. Blogshop also recently introduced a video class, where attendees learn how to do everything from stop motion and titles to best angles and flattering lighting—all using an iPhone. Read on for Emery’s thoughts on drawing creativity out of her students and who she looks to for her own inspiration.

If you had to choose one word or phrase to describe Blogshop, what would it be?


How do you define success for your enterprise?

When I look around the room at these students and their faces LIGHT up every time they learn something new, and I can just see their minds spinning with new possibilities for their blog. Success for Blogshop would be providing as many people as possible with that exact feeling.

What is the one thing you wish you knew before you founded Blogshop?

I knew absolutely nothing about how this class would go, how successful it would become, and how much it would change my career path [Bri also runs a design studio and blog called Designlovefest.—Ed.]—but not knowing has made it that much more thrilling.

What is the one thing you never want to hear (or, most want to hear) from a customer/user/client?

My favorite thing to hear from a student is that they came away from Blogshop inspired, whether that means they are inspired to create a blog, make their blog better, or just explore their personal creativity.

What compan[y]ies (other than your own) are you inspired by, and why?

My good friend Joy Cho [Cho is a graphic designer who is also the author of popular design and lifestyle blog Oh Joy! —Ed.] has been super inspiring to me. She has a way of helping people while expecting nothing in return. Her strong work ethic is very similar to mine and it's nice to be able to have a friend to call and vent to about all the madness.

What is the worst business idea you’ve heard?

Pouches of milk. GROSS.

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